Here are some pics I took this Christmas.  The Hornes (sister-in-law and cousins from Michigan) were here (they
     come every Christmas) and we really had a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures I took while everyone was together.

     Just click on a thumbnail to view the full picture.

Nick Sparks

Chris Sparks


Maribeth & Bill

my sis and her hubby

Chris and his friend Teo!

Roseanne & Maribeth

sis-in-law & sis

Katie & Maggie Horne

Two of my nieces

Another one of Chris

Nick, Gillie Hanzlik & Chris

Christmas 2002

Sparks, Horne & Hanzlik cousins!

Jen, Nick & Chris

Jen, Nick & Chris

A Goose!


Chris, Nick & Jen

Nick at the pond

Jennie at the pond

Chris at the pond

Jen & Chris

Dad, Jen, Chris & Nick

Andrew & Christopher

Gillie & Jessie

Meghan & Jennie

Nana, Bethy, Pat & Ro

at my birthday party



My birthday cake

Playing pinochle


Mom & Jen

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