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Pin Ups For The Boys!
Are there any Military men out there who could use a "lift" in morale? How about getting a pin up from a Playboy Bunny?

In keeping with a wartime tradition of helping boost morale of troops in combat, Playboy Enterprises has revived its pen-pal program in which U.S. servicemembers can communicate with its famous models — and get autographed photos when requested.
Click here for Operation Playmate!

Now us gals at Right We Are! also wanted to participate in this wonderful tradition! So if you know anyone serving out there... here are some special pin ups from Maripat and Lori.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Show Your Support in the Military Overseas Newspaper
I was searching through the online version of the Stars and Stripes military newspaper and stumbled upon this and thought it was great! My mom used to work for the Stars and Stripes paper when we were stationed in Germany and this is a great paper for all Military families stationed overseas.

U.S. troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region and other overseas locations may now receive personal messages from family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and supporters via the pages of Stars and Stripes.

Messages of Support — published daily — provides a forum for greetings, words of encouragement and announcements. Messages of Support can be e-mailed to Stars and Stripes 24 hours a day at, are limited to 50 words or less, and will be printed on a first-come, first-run basis. There is no charge. Stripes reserves the right to omit any messages determined inappropriate, and to screen and edit all messages.

Read the latest messages here. A link to previous messages can be found at the end of the page.
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Quotes from the Left
"With all due respect to the president, I don't think he has the experience for me to be listening to him on how the war's going or what we should be doing. As a matter of fact, the fact that we're at war, I think war itself shows the failure of diplomacy." -- Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY)

"Just who does this guy think he IS?"" -- The Right Chicks (R-CO) & (R-AZ)
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Quote of the Day
"If you remove the communists from the (anti-war) march, then the socialists, then the radical Islamists and their sympathizers, then the pacifist liberals, the stream would be dry." -- Congressman Steve King (R-IA)
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Blix Says Blisters, Vomiting and Death Don't Mean WMD
Hans Blix said today that even if coalition forces or Iraqi civilians begin to experience skin blistering, vomiting, loss of nervous control and death, it won't mean that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
Read the rest at Scrappleface
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Monday, March 31, 2003

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Little Tiny Lies
Leaning to the Right
Right Thinking From the Left Coast
Nikita Demosthenes

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I was listening to the Hugh Hewitt show on the radio today. He's been playing some marvelous songs from the WWII era. I so enjoyed this song that I had to look up the lyrics.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
written by Frank Loesser

Down went the gunner, a bullet was his fate
Down went the gunner, then the gunners mate
Up jumped the sky pilot, gave the boys a look
And manned the gun himself as he laid aside The Book, shouting
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and we'll all stay free!

Praise the Lord and swing into position!
Can't afford to sit around and wishin'
Praise the Lord we're all between perdition
and the deep blue sea!

Yes the sky pilot said it
You've got to give him credit
for a son - of - gun - of - a - gunner was he,
Praise the Lord we're on a mighty mission!
All aboard, we're not a - goin' fishin;
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and we'll all stay free!
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition, Copyright 1942 by Famous Music Corp
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Guidelines for Americans Traveling to France

General overview: France is a medium-sized foreign country situated in the continent of Europe. It is an important member of the world community, though not nearly as important as it thinks. It is bounded by Germany, Spain, Switzerland and some smaller nations of no particular consequence and with not very good shopping.

France is a very old country with many treasures, such as the Louvre and EuroDisney. Among its contributions to western civilisation are champagne, Camembert cheese and the guillotine.

Although France likes to think of itself as a modern nation, air conditioning is little used and it is next to impossible to get decent Mexican food. One continuing exasperation for American visitors is that the people wilfully persist in speaking French, though many will speak English if shouted at. As in any foreign country, watch your change at all times.

Click here to read the full advisory.

Thanks to the Mike Rosen Show at 850 KOA for this gem!
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Wow! You gotta read this -- Farewell To Hollywood by RoadSassy
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I've seen this before on the net but ran across it again today. It's so true and I just wanted to share it. Click here to take the Mike Gallagher Terrorist Quiz.
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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Our Hero of the Week
This week "Right Thinking From the Left Coast" tipped us off to a story of support from a celebrity. Tiger Woods had some great words to say in support of not only the troops, but also the President! Our hats are off to you Mr. Woods.

I have great respect for the men and women fighting overseas to protect our way of life in Iraq and other parts of the world. As the son of an Army officer, I understand the strength, courage and discipline required to successfully carry out their missions in hostile environments and feel tremendous pride they are representing us.

Obviously, no one likes war. Our Congress and President tried hard to avoid the use of force, but ultimately decided it was the best course of action. I like the assertiveness shown by President Bush and think we owe it to our political and military leaders, along with our brave soldiers to be as supportive as possible during these difficult and trying times. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let our forces know that I am thinking about you and wishing you and your families the best.

Jackass of the Week
Well the Jackasses of the Week would definitely have to be the media and various reporters reporting on the war (except Fox news). Gosh we are only ten days into the war and the media have promoted themselves all to Generals!!! The media has constantly been criticizing our strategy - that we are doing it wrong, that it will be another Viet Nam, that we don't have enough ground troops or supplies, that we should have controlled towns better, that they were misled this would be a fast war, and on and on. Good God Man!!! Wars take years and they expect this one to be over in a week? If this war would be six months long --- that is a fast war!!! Especially if we are taking a whole country, throwing out its leadership, replacing that leadership, and rebuilding. Go over to "Right Wing News" to see more examples of how the media are being the biggest Jackasses!
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Friday, March 28, 2003

Following is an excellent response to my earlier question of "Why would women want to fight in the war?"

"Why do women put themselves in combat? For all the reasons men do! They want to fight for their country, rather than sit at home lamenting about 'our poor men, sent off to war.' This is a country of women and men, blacks and Jews and homosexuals, who are willing to fight for our country and for the preservation of peace in other countries. One's gender ought to have nothing to do with acting upon one's conscience"

Well put Lauree!
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Dracula Isn't Afraid of War
The Transylvanian Society of Dracula said on Friday it would hold its world Dracula congress in May in Romania's Carpathian Mountains despite the war in Iraq. ... The society, which gives tourists historical tours of the Balkan country, will offer all congress participants "After-life Insurance" -- certificates for guidance through purgatory.
Click on the link above to read the rest of this all important news flash!
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Thursday, March 27, 2003

HA! Too funny!
Army unit un-imbeds Geraldo
Marking the first departure from the military's new program of "imbedding" journalists with its units, an army unit has demanded that veteran newsman Geraldo Rivera be "unimbedded" from their troops, effective immediately.
Click over to Jewish World Review to read the rest....
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The Average Military Man
The ladies at Right We Are just love the Military Men - they are our heros. May they all come home to a proud nation.

The average age of the military man is 19 years.
He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy.
Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country.
He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's; but he has never collected unemployment either.
He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away.
He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and 155mm Howitzers.
He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk.
He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a rifle in 30 seconds and reassemble it in less time in the dark.
He can recite to you the nomenclature of a machine gun or grenade launcher and use either one effectively if he must.
He digs foxholes and latrines and can apply first aid like a professional.

He can march until he is told to stop or stop until he is told to march.
He obeys orders instantly and without hesitation, but he is not without spirit or individual dignity.
He is self-sufficient. He has two sets of fatigues: he washes one and wears the other. He keeps his canteens full and his feet dry.
He sometimes forgets to brush his teeth, but never to clean his rifle.
He can cook his own meals, mend his own clothes, and fix his own hurts.
If you're thirsty, he'll share his water with you; if you are hungry, his food.
He'll even split his ammunition with you in the midst of battle when you run low.
He has learned to use his hands like weapons and weapons like they were his hands.
He can save your life - or take it, because that is his job.
He will often do twice the work of a civilian, draw half the pay and still find ironic humor in it all.
He has seen more suffering and death then he should have in his short lifetime.
He has stood atop mountains of dead bodies, and helped to create them.
He has wept in public and in private, for friends who have fallen in combat and is unashamed.
He feels every note of the National Anthem vibrate through his body while at rigid attention, while tempering the burning desire to 'square-away' those around him who haven't bothered to stand, remove their hat, or even stop talking.
In an odd twist, day in and day out, far from home, he defends their right to be disrespectful.
Just as did his Father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather, he is paying the price for our freedom.

Beardless or not, he is not "just" a boy.
He is the American Fighting Man that has kept this country free for over 200 years.
He has asked nothing in return, except our friendship and understanding.
Remember him, always, for he has earned our respect and admiration with his blood.

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need."
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PFC Joseph DeWitt, 26, from Suffolk County, New York carries an Iraqi boy - injured during Tuesday's heavy battle between the Army's 7th Cavalry Regiment and Iraqi forces - to safety.

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Doing Something Good
With everything going on and all of these negative protesters, why not do something to help support America, our troops and more? I went over to the website and it is awesome! Lots of POSITIVE things to choose from to help give a part of yourself. Check it out here.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Third Infantry Finds Chemical Weapons

"What I just heard from a highly placed source here is that they've discovered, they've captured chemical warheads, they're Russian, they have Russian writing all over them and they are chemical warheads." --Paul Strand, CBN News War Correspondent

The Third Infantry Division has captured evidence of chemical weapons as they are fighting Iraq's Republican Guard just 60 miles south of Baghdad. The evidence has yet to be confirmed, but CBN News War Correspondent Paul Strand delivered this exclusive information by satellite phone early Wednesday.

Click on the headline for the interview with Paul Strand
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Now here's a cause worth supporting!

Click on over to Aaron's Rantblog to join the fun!

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Decapitation Attack On Peace Movement Succeeds
(2003-03-23) -- U.S. officials don't know when, or how it happened, but intelligence in the field indicates that an apparent 'decapitation attack' on the peace movement succeeded.

Scrappleface strikes again...
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"In Iraq today, our military is focused and unwavering. We have an effective plan of battle and the flexibility to meet every challenge. Nothing -- nothing -- will divert us from our clear mission. We will press on through every hardship. We will overcome every danger. And we will prevail." -- George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, March 26, 2003

Click here to read the complete speech that President Bush made today at MacDill Air Force Base
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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

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Right Thinking From the Left Coast
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I know, I know... I said I wasn't going to do any blogging about the war, but this was just too priceless to pass up. What do you think the nutcases people over at PETA are saying about this? LMAO!

Morocco offers US monkeys to detonate mine

Thanks RWN!
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Who is Smarter?
One of my friends emailed an article to me that blew me away and I highly recommend you read it!!! The article is a little on the lengthy side but well worth reading.

I once saw some sort of biography special on Condoleezza Rice and was totally blown away by all that she has achieved and how smart she is. She is just one of the people outlined in this article that compares their accomplishments in comparison to these Bush bashing celebrities. This is a must read!

Who Is Smarter - The Anti-War Actors or The Administration? by Cindy Osborne
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Monday, March 24, 2003

my thoughts tonight
I tend not to write that much (preferring to do a lot of linking instead) because I've never been very eloquent with the written word (being formally trained as an accountant - I didn't do much writing in college). That said, I just feel the need to let some of my thoughts out. I've stopped watching the television and listening to the radio as of about noon. I simply couldn't take it anymore. I can't stop thinking about our men (and woman) who have been captured and tortured. I keep thinking that the ones who were killed are probably the lucky ones. I don't have the stomach for war to tell you the truth, but nor can I live comfortably with the idea that there are Saddams out there who systematically torture and kill their own citizens (it goes without saying that they have no qualms about torturing and killing POWs). So of course I am for the war and getting Saddam out of there. But I still don't have the stomach for it. I'm thinking about the woman who was captured. Many will think I'm old fashioned but I do not think that women belong in any type of situation where they can be captured or killed. I'm just heartbroken over this. How can the feminists be for putting women in combat roles? Why would a woman want to be there? It's bad enough that our men have to go to war, but I think they're better equipped for it - both physically and mentally. I pray every night for our troops and for the Iraqi people. I pray that we will meet our objectives quickly and that the Iraqi people and the world for that matter will soon be rid of this murderer called Saddam. I'm tired. I'm not going to do any blogging about the war for a couple of days. I hope you understand.
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Nice blog!
If you get a chance, click on over to Spiced Sass.
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More proof that the Democrats are for nothing but themselves.
Once the bombing of Iraq started, most members of Congress -- even those who have opposed the march to war -- rallied around President Bush. The clear exceptions -- 11 House members. The 11, all Democrats and almost half from California, broke ranks with their party leaders to oppose a resolution -- approved shortly after 3 a.m. Friday -- expressing support for U.S. troops and the commander in chief.

Follow the link for the rest of the story.
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An excellent article that goes to the root of the matter; that is, why we instinctively believe that the anti-war protestors are anti-American through and through.

They Hate Us, Too
The hostility of the "anti-war" protestors is not toward war, nor even toward war with Iraq - but toward America and its philosophy of individualism.

The "anti-war" rallies are generated not by any love for Iraq, but by a hatred for America -- or, more fundamentally, for the principle America represents. The protestors oppose the individualism that lies at America's foundation. They despise the idea of a capitalist system, in which the individual is sovereign, free to live his own life and pursue his own values, irrespective of the wishes of "the public." And they therefore despise the derivative idea that, as a free nation, America has the sovereign right to defend its self-interest, irrespective of the wishes of the international community.

Follow the link for the rest of the article.
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Quote of the Day
The army of a free country has a great responsibility: the right to use force, but not as an instrument of compulsion and brute conquest -- as the armies of other countries have done in their histories -- only as an instrument of a free nation's self-defense, which means: the defense of a man's individual rights. -- Ayn Rand
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ABC's War News Touts Doubt and Dissent Other networks are satisfied to factually convey the war’s developments. ABC has apparently chosen to continue its months-old anti-war crusade into coverage of the conflict itself.
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Late Night TV to Watch
Bob Dole will be a guest tonight on Late Night with David Letterman
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Place your bets ladies and gentlemen
NEW YORK (Reuters) - While pundits around the globe speculated on the fate of Saddam Hussein, others were putting money on it.
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I Couldn't Resist....
Well I have to say that this year I was torn between watching the Academy Awards or not watching the Academy Awards. I must confess that in the past I have always been a huge fan of movies and still am. Every year I watch the Oscars - I am a fan of good Actors/Actresses, the glamour, the fun, the wonderful movies and how they are made, etc. Yes - call me a girly girl - call me shallow - but I can't help it, it was a line of work that I wanted to pursue but never did.

BUT... of course all these celebrities who have been Bush bashing, war bashing, Fox News bashing, and Republican bashing have really made me so angry, so sick, so disgusted! I do believe these people are using their celebrity in the worst way to voice their personal opinions on politics and matters of the world and should keep their pie holes shut. Now, I am more selective as to what movies I will spend my money on - I am focusing on paying for movies of the Actors/Actresses who support Bush, or who keep their opinions to themselves and you never hear a peep from. That goes for TV and music as well.

YES... I agree that maybe we should have boycott watching the Oscars and frankly I am surprised that they did go on with the show and did not postpone it.

WELL... after being on the fence, I decided to watch the Oscars. There were a few reasons on my decision. 1) I was so angry, disgusted, and sad with all that had unfolded with the war within a 24 time period. First it was that son of a bitch who turned on his fellow soldiers and killed one, then the Iraqi Vice President telling his lies and using our media against us, the friendly fire that shot down a UK plane, and then the POWs and murders of our soldiers. I needed a break - I needed to stop watching the news. I needed to be lifted up - even it was cheap Hollywood glitz and glamour. 2) Curiosity was another reason - I wanted to see what some of these people were going to say - even if they were going to try and spew their crap. I knew that that big pile of poo Michael Moore would win, and I knew he was going to not let this opportunity pass without a hissy fit. (more on this @#$%&*^ later). And 3) I do love movies - I know, I know - you probably want to shoot me. Believe me this is a love/hate relationship for me lately.

ALLOW ME... to describe the show. It was not as peppy and was a little more somber than previous Oscar shows. Steve Martin hosted this year and I was pleasantly surprised -- he not only did a good job, but he was funny and charming and did not bash or get too political. He did make a joke by saying, "Some of us are men and some are women, some of us are young and some old, some of us are thin and some are skinny, some of us are Democrats and some of us are......ummm (laughter) skinny." He made a great comment about the pile of poo (more on that later) and he did bless all the troops and to come home soon at the end of the show. Most of the people really did not have anything politically to say - the few that did, it was very short and mostly about "peace for the world" "God speed to the troops" etc. There was one asslick who was introducing the nominated song for Frida and he was saying some crap about if Frida were here she would be against this war - yeah whatever - we don't even know who you are, so hurry up and get off the stage. Adrian Brody had a speech that looked like he was going in the direction of bashing the war but ended up supporting a friend of his who was serving in the war. You could totally tell that Susan Sarandon, Matthew McConaughey, Barbara Streisand, and Dustin Hoffman (who were all presenters) were holding back with all their freaking might from really going off. They were reading the pieces they were suppose to read and emphasizing certain words and trying to put certain emotions in their voice and facial expressions - it seemed like they were trying to give an Oscar performance right there on the stage. Yeah, yeah, we know your "liberal assclown" of the year, move on.

NOW... let's talk about the pile of poo Michael Moore. I knew he was going to win for his liberal, fact twisting piece of crap he calls a documentary. So when his name was read I wanted to vomit, not because he won, but because he got a standing ovation when his name was called. All of the other nominees in this category get on stage with him (obviously preplanned by him) and all wearing peace sign pins. He then spouted the most disgusting speech ever!!!! I am mad, disgusted, and yelling at the TV! I could go on and on about how I feel about this SOB. I don't have the heart to type it out --- this article has the complete speech, read it here. People actually start to applause and I want to puke.

BUT WAIT... what's that I hear? Booing, more booing, louder booing, booing that overpowers the applause!!!! Then the music starts up to cue him off stage and cuts off the rest of his speech!!! Yes!!!! Ha Ha Ha - that's right assclown, you are not in FRANCE recieving your award!!!!!!! There is justice in the world!!! But there's more....hee hee after he leaves the stage, Steve Martin comes back out and says smiling, "it is really sweet back stage right now. The teamsters are trying to help Michael Moore into the trunk of his limo." There is laughter and applause and then he introduces Julia Roberts to present an award. When she comes out - she seems to be a little flustered, I wonder just what did happen back stage. hmmmm.... maybe some back stage crew took his Oscar and beat him with it - one can only hope.

SO IN CLOSING... I would like present the pile of poo a special award -- my jackass of the week award. Yes, I know I have just awarded Tom Daschle this honor but we always have room for two jackasses.
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For anyone who needs a little bit of levity after all this war coverage, head on over to A Small Victory and play "I Used to Believe." As for me, I used to believe that there WAS a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if only I could find it.
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Surprise, Surprise! I took this quiz and guess what? I'm a:

Republican - You believe that the free market will
take care of most things, but that the
government should be there with moderate
taxation to provide for national defense and
enforcing morality. Your historical role model
is Ronald Reagan.

Which political sterotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to Rosemary at Dean's World for the link to the quiz.
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The Times Online has published the speech given by Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Collins, the 42-year-old commander of The Royal Irish battle group, which he delivered to his troops in Kuwait on Wednesday afternoon, just hours before they went into battle.

This is a MUST READ:

"The enemy should be in no doubt that we are his Nemesis and that we are bringing about his rightful destruction. There are many regional commanders who have stains on their souls and they are stoking the fires of Hell for Saddam. As they die they will know their deeds have brought them to this place. Show them no pity. But those who do not wish to go on that journey, we will not send. As for the others, I expect you to rock their world.

"We go to liberate, not to conquer. We will not fly our flags in their country. We are entering Iraq to free a people, and the only flag that will be flown in that ancient land is their own. Don't treat them as refugees, for they are in their own country.

"I know men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts. They live with the mark of Cain upon them. If someone surrenders to you, then remember they have that right in international law, and ensure that one day they go home to their family. The ones who wish to fight, well, we aim to please. If there are casualties of war, then remember, when they woke up and got dressed in the morning they did not plan to die this day. Allow them dignity in death. Bury them properly, and mark their graves.

"You will be shunned unless your conduct is of the highest, for your deeds will follow you down history. Iraq is steeped in history. It is the site of the Garden of Eden, of the Great Flood, and the birth of Abraham. Tread lightly there. You will have to go a long way to find a more decent, generous and upright people than the Iraqis. You will be embarrassed by their hospitality, even though they have nothing ...

"There may be people among us who will not see the end of this campaign. We will put them in their sleeping bags and send them back. There will be no time for sorrow. Let's leave Iraq a better place for us having been there. Our business now, is north." -- Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Collins

Thanks to Dean's World for the link.
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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Quotes from the Left
"We live in a time with fictitious election results that elect fictitious presidents. We live in a time when we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons." -- Michael Moore

"What a friggin idiot" -- The Chicks at Right We Are!

Why don't you send an e-mail to Mike and tell him what you think of his fictitious brain.
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Saddam's Ambulance Never Left Compound

Saddam Hussein was pulled from the wreckage of his Baghdad compound Wednesday night after U.S. forces pounded the building with cruise missiles and laser-guided bombs. But an ambulance dispatched to the scene did not rush to the hospital afterward, suggesting the Iraqi dictator may not have survived the attack.
Click here for the whole story...

Link via Right Wing News
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Our Hero of the Week
Being a resident of Phoenix, this Republican chic is extra proud of this Arizona Cardinal for putting on a uniform to serve his country and being part of the cause!

Less than a year after giving up a lucrative NFL career to serve his country, former Arizona Cardinal safety Pat Tillman has become an Army Ranger and has been deployed, presumably to the Middle East.

Tillman and his brother, Kevin, a former minor league baseball player, are now part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, comprising three battalions and 2,300 men. The Tillmans had been stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., but were deployed within the last two weeks. Even relatives do not know specifically where they are. See the rest of this article here.

What a hell of a guy (along with his brother) and what a hell of a hero to us girls here at Right We Are!

Jackass of the Week
Tom Daschle totally bashes the President on the eve of war. This is so sickening to us and just shows his lack of character, honor, and concern for our nation by putting his own political career first. See the full article here.
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PEACE? How sickening is this? A gasoline bomb thrown at a policeman by a PEACE protestor!

Flames engulf an Athens policeman after a gasoline bomb was thrown during a March 21 anti-war demonstration outside the U.S. embassy.

Found at Leaning to the Right

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Peter Jennings is determined to put his slant on reporting this war.

Jennings versus Brokaw. A comparison of how ABC's Peter
Jennings led Saturday's World News Tonight with how Tom Brokaw
began the NBC Nightly News the same night shows how Jennings
stresses dissent and the problems while Brokaw is satisfied to
simply convey the status of the war.

-- Jennings teased the March 22 World News Tonight/Saturday:
"On World News Tonight this Saturday, more bombing in Baghdad.
Trying to humiliate the regime. Some U.S. forces are half way to
Baghdad. Public enthusiasm from the mission commander."
General Tommy Franks: "Our troops are performing as we would
expect: magnificent."
Jennings: "There is resistance on the battle field and there
is objection in the streets."

-- Tom Brokaw began Saturday's NBC Nightly News: "It is now
early Sunday morning in Baghdad and it's been another long night
of punishing air strikes against that city and against other
targets in Iraq. At the same time, there are said to be a wide-
variety of discussions under way with Iraqi civilian and military
leaders on the prospects of surrender before American forces
moving on Baghdad arrive in the Iraqi capital city."

Find more like this at Media Research Center
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Tackling Iraqis
"Less than a year after giving up a lucrative NFL career to serve his country, former Arizona Cardinal safety Pat Tillman has become an Army Ranger and has been deployed, presumably to the Middle East."
Read the rest of Lee's post over at Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
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Sent to me by my friend Jayme. Thanks Jayme!

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Steve Martin Prescribes Film to End War
OK, is this guy for real here? Gee, maybe the whole world should watch the Teletubbies and Sesame Street too and then the worlds problems would come to an end.

Hollywood funnyman Steve Martin has come up with a solution to the American-led war with Iraq - making Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush watch "Singin' in the Rain." See the rest of the article here.

Ok, I guess he is not bashing here but come on Steve ---what are you smoking? It will be really interesting to see him hosting this years Oscars!
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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Irish reach Sweet 16 for first time since 1987


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Ain't it the truth!


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Just think how these Marines must feel as they're hugged by the people they're liberating.

Picture from the NY Times

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I'm sitting here today watching TV, listening to the radio and bloghopping and I'm simply overwhelmed. Let me sum it up in 8 words:

God DAMN I'm proud to be an American!
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Friday, March 21, 2003

You gotta love this!

Thanks to the Drudge Report for this pic.

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Entire Division of Iraqi Army Surrenders
"An entire division of the Iraqi army, numbering 8,000 soldiers, surrendered to coalition forces in southern Iraq Friday, Pentagon officials said."
FABULOUS! The regime is most definitely falling apart!
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Iraq's First Response Includes U.N. Proscribed Weapons
"In the first day of hostilities between Iraq and U.S. forces, Iraq revealed what four months of United Nations weapons inspections were unable to find. Iraq continues to maintain an inventory of proscribed al Hussein scud missiles."
Do you think this is enough to convince France, Germany and the anti-war commies in our country?
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Monica Lands Job as Reality Show Host
Only in America!
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Thursday, March 20, 2003

And these people wonder why they aren't taken seriously?
San Francisco protesters stage a 'vomit in'
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I'm gonna start a new feature, called Quotes From the Left. Hopefully it will be a daily post featuring, what else? Quotes from your favorite Democrats of course! And when possible I'm going to include the e-mail addy of the quotee so that you can tell him or her just what you think of them! Our first contestant is none other than The Dean of the Congress! The West Virginian of the 20th Century! Senator Robert Byrd!

"The case this administration tries to make to justify its fixation with war is tainted by charges of falsified documents and circumstantial evidence...After war has ended the United States will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America's image around the globe." - Democrat West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd. Feel free to send Bob an e-mail
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Terrorists in my Backyard
Yes there is breaking news that Terrorists may have targeted the Palo Verde nuclear power plant which is just 55 miles outside of Phoenix. The plant is the nation's largest commercial nuclear power facility. Article here. All I can say is "Oh Joy" but this is not the first time we have had terrorists in our backyard - we found out that before Sept.11th some of the terrorists were training how to fly here in Scottsdale. Of course they have beefed up security and I am not too panicked but of course concerned - all we can do is pray that no situations happen throughout the entire U.S.
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Who Pays the Tab for the Anti-War Effort?
Here's a very interesting article, which to tell you the truth, delves into some issues I had never thought about before. According to this article by Teresa Martin at GOPUSA News, "Following the money trail of the anti-war movement has revealed a variety of sometimes surprising sources." She goes on to report that the popular anti-war organization Not In Our Name (NION) "relies on tax-exempt foundations that have a history of association with radical causes such as the defense of convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, with Cuba's Castro, and with entities linked to terrorism in the Middle East. NION came to fruition a year ago in a meeting among representatives of the Revolutionary Communist Party, the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party, Refuse and Resist, the International League of Peoples' Struggle, and the National Lawyers Guild, according to a report by Byron York of the National Review." Interesting stuff, wouldn't you say? Click on the link above for the full article.
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Quote of the Day
"Everyone's nervous - it's natural to be nervous. If you're not nervous you're a cowboy - and this is no time for cowboys."
SGT. MAJ. RAY LANE, 22nd Signal Brigade.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

U.S. Troops Raid Afghanistan in Hunt for Al Qaeda
About 20 minutes after U.S. troops lobbed an opening strike against Iraq the military also launched a terrorist-seeking raid in Afghanistan, Fox News has learned. The operation, dubbed "Valiant Strike," is taking place in the air and on the ground southeast of Kandahar. About 1,000 troops from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division were combing southeastern Afghanistan for members of Al Qaeda and its elusive leader, Usama bin Laden. Operation Valiant Strike is the biggest U.S. terrorist-seeking operation in over a year, military officials said.
Click on the link for more...
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"You've seen the sign: 'Yankee go home.' That's me they're talking about. Imagine what it's like leaving home and family for some far-off place where the people don't even want you," says Lieutenant Ken Harbaugh of the US Navy.

Read the rest of what Lieutenant Harbaugh has to say over at Amitai Etzioni Notes
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New blogs to visit: Be sure you take a peek at Peakview when you get a chance. Nice blog!
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Place Your Bets
So, what do you think Saddam will do? Will he stay and fight to the death? Will he surrender? Or will he run away and hide? Place your bets and let us know what you think this Jackass will do. Maybe we should start the betting and see who comes closest to being correct with their prediction. I think he will run away if he hasn't already. Unlike terrorists Sadaam and his playboy sons love life too much to die for their cause. I'm sure he has an escape route in his 90 million dollar luxury bunker so that he can run away.

Posted by Lori not maripat
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Allied Troops Poised to Attack
"At 8 o' clock tonight, the American people will know Saddam Hussein has committed his final act of defiance," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said in a news briefing shortly after noon EST. "I'm just not going to speculate as to what will or will not happen at 8 o'clock tonight." He said Americans need to realize the war will not be without a cost.
Click above to read the rest...
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Dixie Chicks and Daschle Release New Single
The Dixie Chicks have teamed with U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, D-SD, on the new single "Ashamed and Saddened." The song, to be released only in parts of Europe, Russia and China, is expected to chart at No. 1 in its first week.
Click on over to ScrappleFace for the rest...
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First Iraqis surrender
FIFTEEN Iraqi soldiers have crossed the border into Kuwait and surrendered to US troops, a US officer said.
Read the rest here....
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Catholic Just War Update
According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church "Peace is the work of
justice and the effect of charity." (CCC # 2304). This is the peace
that must be sought after not simply the absence of war. This war was
not sought after but rather it was thrust upon us. Saddam still has
within his power the ability to avoid this war. The United States and
the other members of the coalition have exhausted all other diplomatic
means and it has come to this. Would it be just to leave Saddam in power after his lawlessness and dangerous behavior? (of course not) Would it be charitable to ignore this threat to Iraq's neighbors, the Iraqi people, and the United States? (again, no)

Fr. Richard Neuhaus speaks out about the war, "War, if it is just, is not an option chosen but a duty imposed. In the present circumstance, military action against Iraq by a coalition of the willing is in response to Iraq's aggression; first against Kuwait, then in defiance of the terms of surrender demanding its disarmament, then in support of, if not direct participation in, acts of terrorism.

"This is joined to its brutal aggression against its own citizens, and its possession of weapons of mass destruction which it can use or permit others to use for further aggression.

"To wait until the worst happens is to wait too long, and leaders guilty of such negligence would rightly be held morally accountable."
Read the whole interview here....
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It's Time to Consider Leaving the U.N.
"It's time the United States considers quitting the United Nations. In the past, only the right-wing fringe argued for pulling out of the U.N., which, after all, was created in 1945, not only with the United States' blessing, but largely at our urging. In the nearly 58 years since, the U.N. has had, at best, a mixed role in preventing and resolving conflict. More often it has served as a debating society, whose member states were as likely to ignore as to adhere to the very covenants, declarations and resolutions they voted to adopt."
Click here for the full article....
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Blair Wins Over Parliament in Vote Against Iraq
"British Prime Minister Tony Blair scored a major victory Tuesday as his efforts to rally his country behind a war with Iraq resulted in an overwhelming vote by Parliament in his favor."
Click here for the full story....
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BLOGGER is driving me crazy! I'm sorry we haven't posted in over 24 hours - but BLOGGER wouldn't let me! We're back now so you can expect some great stuff today.

Please remember to say a prayer today for all of our men and women who are in harms way.
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